The Kurelis Group : 05532

A fragment of soldier Kārlis Vīnakmens' eyewitness account of the battles of the Lieutenant Roberts Rubenis Battalion in Kurzeme. November 1944.

"As the greatest mishap that could have befallen us, the news came from among the Kurelis Group that our Battalion commander had fallen. Like a whirlwind, our men rose and went on the counter-attack, to avenge this painful loss. With hand grenades and bayonets, the SS men were pushed back. They were still trying to resist us but our machine guns were doing their job. Now the German hobnailed boots ran faster, not able to stand up to our counter-attack. They ended up with their backs to the strongly flowing Abava river. Many, out of fear and many trying to escape the intense firepower, jumped into the river – and here the rapid waters of the Abava took away those who had not been taken by bullets. And, if any made it to the other bank, they were rained upon by more bullets".

H. Biezais. ”Kurelieši”